The founders



Fatuma-Ayaan rinderknecht

Originally from Davis, California, Fatuma is a senior at Harvard College, concentrating in Human Evolutionary Biology, with a secondary in Global Health and Health Policy. She has spent much of her time at Harvard exploring the wide range of problem contexts related to healthcare, and is planning to attend medical school after graduating. She has spent several summers doing research in chronic disease solutions, and currently works at the Harvard School of Public Health studying the protein makeup of HDL. Moreover, she has worked to alleviate health inequities, by educating and engaging at-risk populations through her work as a Health Education teacher and a volunteer at a family clinic. In her free time, Fatuma likes to bake and speculate what will happen next on Grey’s Anatomy.

osaremen okolo

Osaremen is a senior at Harvard College. She is a premedical student who concentrates primarily in History and Science with an allied, joint concentration in African-American Studies. She is also pursuing a secondary in Global Health and Health Policy.  After a summer interning at the White House Office of Science and Technology policy during the final few months of President Obama’s administration, Osaremen has been inspired to continue exploring the intersections between medicine, policy, and service post-graduation. Outside of the classroom, the bulk of Osaremen’s time has been devoted to the Politics of Race and Ethnicity, a Harvard University Institute of Politics program she co-founded in 2014 and co-chaired until January 2016. Otherwise you’ll often find her writing creatively, cheering on Boston sports teams, or craving Nigerian foods.